In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

Luanda, Angola. Our Voltaire's Bastille, Mr. William Tonet

(FOLHA 8, is the only Angolan weekly paper that it still remains... free, combatant for the freedom of expression)

The Process to "Ready-to-condemn

Next Monday, December 13, he will have beginning a judgement, that in the reality, they correspond to three processes manufactured to the measure of the regime, he wants to say, of the "ready type to condemn", as they are unhappily almost all of the processes that say respect not only to manifestations of popular against decisions of the Executive or of the National Assembly, or of an any member (tentacle) of the political power, but also the simple way to express her indignation against the same ones. A word harsher, more contusing, arrives to lift the spectrum of the slander and of the treachery.
It will be like this in the judgement behind referred (whose sentence is already cultivated very probably before him to have begun), concerning a complaint introduced against our director Mr. William Tonet by very influential members of the instituted power, although of fleeting passage for the corridors of the State.
They will be three the processes in judgement, moved by the former-boss of State-larger General of the Armed forces (CEMGFAA), Mr. Francisco Pereira Furtado, through the process: 972/08-D; the Procurator of the Military Attorney's office of FAA, Mr. Hélder Pitagroz, process 659/08-D and the famous general, considered by many of their collaborators and family (they know, certainly, that they say), multimillionaire, Boss of the Military House of the Presidency of the Republic and Former-boss of the Cabinet of National Reconstruction, Mr. Manuel Vieira Dias, Kopelipa, process n.º 1449/08-D.
The crimes that our director is accused were of committed facto, if it is that that is crime, in the extent of the freedom of expression and information, in the extent of the attributes that they are privilege of F8, that continues to exercise an unalterable pressure since he not few) for the died government's high employees and of the condemned Executive actual to disappear, not to lose temper the partial and discriminatory form of administration of the public thing and of the autochthonous people.
Lawyer Mr. David Mendes, responsible for the defence he believes to treat of one more cabal of the regime, because the published news don't constitute any defamation slander. The reality is that these generals say to support the democracy but they are not prepared for her exercise", it assured F8, this defence lawyer.
In another dimension he didn't stop referring to the facto of this "attitude to mean, per times, a pressure on the system of the justice, with base in the force, in the sense of this and the tribunals if they subdue to the interests and appetites of the generals instead of the law and of the right. In any way we believed that a nucleus of new judges is more and more committed with the Justice and not with the economic power and intimidator of the considered powerful."
Of recalling that this judgement of Mr. Wlliam Tonet, that will have beginning in the next 13, is one of the almost two hundred that weigh on her person. In her smashing majority all of them were formatted at the workshops of Futungo, (Kremlin in the city of Luanda surroundings) of SINFO (military/secret police) and of other appendixes of the regime and they have for characteristic a clear function and common objectives: to annihilate, to silence, or to put out of the game media effect F8.
Only to give an example, it is of recalling another well educated process for the Public prosecution service that sooner or later will have to pass to the bar of the tribunal.
Those Excellencies, that saw each other armoured for the prestige of the position that they occupy, they moved processes to F8 for that organ of social communication to have unmasked the truth on a case of movement of bottoms in the exterior of the country, namely Portugal and published the barbaric form as the former-president of Guinea-Bissau was murdered, Nino Vieira. Pictures published with the approval of the family of the died, that it doesn't consider an outrage her honour. In fact as later this was verified found of several bottoms, that they were not lost (as the 300 million BNA, (Bank National of Angola) nor discoveries (also as the one of BNA) but that stopped partly uncertain in the uncertain people's pockets and, hateful crime to the eyes of certain sector’s of PGR, (General attorney's office of the Republic) they had also left (as the one of BNA), but very legalism, of the safes of the State, only, for the or their signatories be prominent illustrations of the Executive (the business of Bank BANIF).
With base in this plot the politician, Mr. Fenga Miranda makes the following picture that F8 thanks. "To the subject of your audience on the 13, it lets to presage that the fence crowds together more and more and incredibly all the linked forces the dynamics so much political, as social and associative they continue distracted. Each one thinks that has been roofing of concrete or lead parasol, he wants to say that the neighbour’s fire will never reach her house. The regime or "supposedly", it seems to be to win the battle of the drowsiness and in a calculated way, very veiled and extremely dangerous it will push us for the hole, without the world notices that, because the smile is always present and as everything it is made subtle and sensible, above all the international community interprets as "faits-divers". He is urgent to organize an appeal or a letter to the Nation and the International Community, species petition of associations, intellectuals, academicals, teachers, journalists, on the state actual of the democracy in Angola and the risks of the future."

The director of F8, Mr. William Tonet, was refuted, and when the process ran their procedures was verified that everything that had been revealed corresponded to the reality of the facts. Which something? It was not heard a single protest voice against the defamation woven by PGR, because her complaint had as exclusive objective to dirty the good name of F8.
We will see what she will pass. But a thing is right, F8 won't die. It can go to the rug, as already before it happened. But he will get up. Reinvigorated and it will follow her march heading for a country fairer, less corrupt and discriminatory and with better distribution of the Angolan wealth.

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