In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

In case Dr. William Tonet: "Kopelipa" and Zé Maria asked as compensation 2 million of dollars

Luanda - F8 was called to the stone by puerile reasons, to points of we question ourselves what can be in cause in judgement. To intimidate the press? To gag her and to silence her for ever and ever? The drafting, the administration, the friends and companions of the autochthonous biweekly, they are with her director, because we feared (they fear) that the intention, now it cannot be the one of arresting, but just of staining her criminal record, for limiting her any intervention in the future and or they still prepare another ambush, for us to silence it in the middle of their dungeons.

* Sílvio Van-Dúnem
Source: Folha8

The judgement, of the director of F8, Mr. William Tonet, moved by the generals Manuel Hélder Vieira Dias Júnior, tcp Kopelipa, minister of State and Boss of the Military House of the Presidency of the Republic, António José Maria, boss of the Services of Military Intelligence of FAA, Hélder Pitta Groz, Military Procurator of FAA, Francisco Furtado, former-boss of the State-large-general of FAA and Sílvio Franco Burity, director of the national Services of the Customs, for having alleged crime of Slander, Defamation and Offense, began on June 13.

The sessions elapse in the 7th section of the Room of the Common Crimes, of the Provincial Tribunal of Luanda, Dona Ana Joaquina, under the right judge's orientation, Dr. Manuel Pereira da Silva, that opened the judgement to the public but he prohibited the covering of the press. Many of the presents were apprehensive with this position of the judge, that is not very normal, but, the law, in cases of defamation and offense, for the sensibility of the processes, for moving with the people's honor, grants to the magistrate the prerogative of to safeguard and to protect the forum summon, of the parts that fence in the bar their arguments. He left this Silva's judge's Manuel sense, then he didn't walk so badly... it weighs to have left some nervous journalists, mainly the elder of the journalism Siona Casimiro of the Journal Apostolado and Alexandre Solombe of the Voice of America, VOA, that they were invited to leave the room, for if they don't conform with the judge's decision.

Remember that after the opening the judgement was interrupted and it continued forty eight hours later, on June 15, in a long initiate session about 9 h 25 minutes and it only finished 19 h 25 minutes, with the discussion of two processes.

On that day, in the quality of having interrogated (here considered defendant), Dr. William Tonet, only, in that condition for the texts published to the they have not been signed to have to answer in the director quality, in accordance with art.º 73.º of the Law of Press, it was for more than 10 hours of foot. Of course is a long sacrifice marathon for any human being and, in the case, this human, that still nor it was arrested, it was, to the that seems for force of the law, tortured legally, so much that it was hindered of sore spots, that took it to have to be attended at a clinic in Luanda for this long sacrifice of having been so many consecutive hours of foot, him that he has the broken kneecaps, united for a platinum league, fruit of a combat in the East of Angola, during the war, had to resist to the demands of having to stay almost so many hours in a erect position, with hunger and with thirst, in a true sacrifice, on behalf of the coherence, of the freedom and… of the faith in God.

Her defense came to the bar of the tribunal with the force of the ones that nothing has to fear. He made to be worth their arguments and he did get to keep a perfect posture when hearing what the offended ones asked as compensation for the alleged damages that they would have suffered, with the journalists' of F8 goods, all with proofs and properly sustained by the dynamics of the democracy, of the freedom of press and freedom of expression, extravagant and absurdities amounts about 180 million Kwanzas, in other words, any thing as 2 million dollars (TWO MILLION DOLLARS!!), 40 million kwanzas, 30 million kwanzas and thereabout out. Everything says, caused by the goods of F8, that not even they defined in their true outlines, he wants to say, the damages subjectivist, without any proof effective. But, be noticed, one of the goods was signed and never the offended ones insisted on processing the stamped ones, preferring to turn batteries against the director of F8.

Besides, the same ones offended they allowed to mix their protests to those emphasized and simply alleged protests of heroic and glorious FAA, (Angolan Armed Forces) that, they, on her side, didn't ask absolutely anything F8, nor to her director. Others spoke of sadness in the workers' face to the news published in F8, caricature, on news that told them respect for defending rights and labor justice. Infantile flattery for dry table … thanks to be of foot during about 10 hours, the director William Tonet was not made of having asked and on behalf of the coherence and of helping the tribunal to the truth to arrive it presented through their lawyers of Defense, Doctors Tiago Ribeiro, David Mendes and André Dambi robust replies that defined the nimbleness of the accusation well, apparent and strictly concentrated in an umbilical vision, weigh to be legitimates.

The assistants' defect, seemed, already in this second session not to be in alleged cause her Slander, Defamation and Offense, but a "greedy" obtaining of millionaire compensation, that never the autochthonous of F8, saw and they dream to have in their bills, but that constitute mere changes, for who he doesn't have shame of referring to the million as if they were cashes. To say that the offended ones, to the exception of Silvio Burity of National Direction of the Customs, didn't appear, he gives an idea of what this "Opéra Bouffe" anachronistic, that took Silva's judge Manuel acts, on behalf of the law, to apply a fine to the generals, appraised in 10 thousand kwanzas.

Certainly for them that should not be anything… But this drizzle bofe will have an end type theatre "blow to the American", an compensation request - we will see reason, but in the reality it is even anything, the judge will decide in her conscience, let us wait -, of any thing that crosses all the limits of the coherence and of the simple logic, as already enunciate here supra, those such ones more than 300 million Kwanzas in rescue way of the attacks to the sins that the offended ones will have committed, and that F8 just gave to know for being of the public interest, for our people to be to know who governs us, who decides and who will be able to one day or other to attack us in justice when the one that them more they have is roofed of glass, weaknesses and masked inferiority complexes in other complex, those of superiority. With people of bad oak-gall, it is the full world, for ferocious grasper of money, and if the imitation is the strategy to proceed, Angola will be the clown of the century XXI… and XXII.

We don't have education, we don't have terms, ways, we don't have anything to not to be the money, come from where comes, as surplus value of a retrograde mentality! Position this, we don't want any in way introduce ourselves in the intrigues of a process that it is safeguarded by the absolute secrecy in her circuit in beginning, but we suit that it had been the arguments presented by the defense, the accusation seems to sin for limiting, almost that exclusively, to request monetary compensations of an accusation that sought a "fait divers", matter more than proven of all of the journalistic activities of the whole world.

What here weighs on F8 is the protagonist's facto of some of those denounced acts, minus, let us say, worthy of respect, and compromising of her performer's good name, it was not a " Shrimp", a ragged one, but the maximum responsible of the Port of Luanda. And he will see it then to scream, " Bless my soul! They stained my name; they destroyed my "life"… ", things like this, removing of the Brazilian soap operas and of the scandalous processes of California, in that they waltz million of dollars of compensation because of a f… badly given. But although it happens the pretension of all these forces that are just the right of the force, in her horizon, once the democracy to be them just a trampoline, to suffocate, all as, naively, they believed that the implantation of the multiparty would bring more freedom of expression and freedom of press, after 1991, we will be with him and with their ideas. This for we believe, that this attempt certain forces, impose the dictatorship of the muzzle, they won't silence our firm conviction of we continue to give voice to who doesn't have voice and the consolidation of a true democracy.

Angola, we believed, weigh the suffering, the chains, the arbitrary prisons, the murders and the injustices of every order the one that are subject most of the autochthonous ones, it must be, earlier than late, a true Democratic State and of Right, that it will order, through fair judgements and with impartial judges, just committed with the law and her conscience, for the chain the corrupt ones and responsible of the injustices today. As for Dr. William Tonet, the attempt of the they gag, it can until, excuse me the stamped, not to be a bad idea, if one day they put him in the chain, because, I believe and it is the conviction of the whole drafting, that he, will edit, in the current dungeons of the regime it FOLHA8 him PRISON, that will be an extension of the actual, that won't remain silent, he won't die, because it will resist with the contribution of all the autochthonous ones. Sadness ours, we be in such low mentality landing.

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