In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

It is even the leaves fallen droughts surrendered, they rose before the nobility of our love,

No, it was not the heat of our love, it was the time of the hot time that it liquefied our skin, if it wet, everything if it loosened. And we decided the clothes to remove, to come unfastened. And loosened, abandoned to the impact of the refreshing wind, we felt the origins of the human love.
Only a lake existed, as if the such divine providence kept him, it maintained secret during so many millenniums in a hiding place, now discovered.

It is even the leaves fallen droughts surrendered, they rose before the nobility of our love, fallen asleep of the winter autumn, and they were anxious. Suddenly we have reached and everything wants, no, we have transformed. And your Aphrodite company my desires wake up, and in my memory they don't close up. You delight me, in your engarlanded head, of jasmines meditated. And the love is not for some, but for all of the moments, he is the god of the feelings. And your dance for you capture me, he does me, they enslave me your glances.

Your dry leaves are to want, yellow before your green to faint. Because the green sweetly yellow. And living is a dance only that we didn't notice that, we don't know, we didn't learn her, we don't want, to dance. And everything in the love accumulates, and in the laws of their prisons we arrested ourselves, we got lost. Is it that difficult to say, to whisper, do I love you? Because, if this is the supreme true of all of the things.

For something we love so many gods if only one exists, the god of the love, the only, and the true, what makes miracles. And they told me that the love waits for me, and that for that will have to travel an eternal, tender highway and find it. And I put to I walk, and almost it has been a hundred years that I travel her, I still didn't find him, but I don't give up, because I will find him. I believe that for him I already passed thousands of times, but as I am an amateur poor of the love, I don't get, I didn't get to distinguish him, to decipher him. It is always like this: everything that is us wanted is even to our side, only that we didn't get to guess him.

The afternoon is clean of religion, and in her we will already date, to snatch, and the power of the Universe to capture. We will go down in our God, and anything nor nobody will fear us. A new life will be reborn and our love will triumph. And the glory of the sky will open up, and the heretics will dominate. We will sing, and our siblings and children to worship. He arrived the hour, the love will sound, we will date.
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