In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

Shipwrecked without Moonlight

Shipwreck in this sea there will as Ulysses, as several times it escaped from sinking drowned. There are many thousands of miles, almost endless forty years ago, that longing by the arms, family hugs from Penelope. I am afraid that never will see, and also of my family that never again will I know. I command you to my crew who choose the right direction and follow the best sea winds that bring us our way. But as much as navigate, mile on mile there are dangers that await me, terrible armed men come out of the depths and prevent me walking. Our struggle for living-is no longer, now is to survive-is the constant battle against the monsters that we wish to subdue, is the eternal clash of the book of our freedom.

I'm far, far away, but that doesn't stop my spirit you find, browse, find, because there are no distances that separate the friendship, she is so short, so very short, how much longer the distance, the more the embrace of friendship if comforts. So far and yet so close in our inseparable destinies.

In times past there was time to love; now we long for in we hate and in we arm.
So much time lost in hatred, in the mountains of death.
You know, there was a glorious time of magic with wonderful songs, and that those times were lost, but her music linger because abandoned the estranged world and took refuge in dimension, Lay Down Candles In the Rain, Here Come the Sun, In In the Search of the Lost Chord, 2000 Man, Fare Thee Well 10.000 Miles etc, etc. Oh, that's so Raven Black, my love, will change the color to white.

And I hear a lone trumpet which reminds me of the rivers, mountains, eagles and other birds, vastness of the purity of the rain watered vegetation, water pollution, now the sea waves that beat on the beaches, now no longer beat, scrap, scrap the corrupt business dealings of beachfront buildings, blessed by clergymen that oblige people to pray because it is written.

The priests as spokespersons of God claim categorically, as God makes them believe that he loves everyone and everything, except homosexuals, God hates them. But most priests libertines, because in fact never been capable of such flares of their mouths, smelly because God loves us – in fact God loves only priests, because it was they who invented it-then if God is abundant love, how can it be that reject homosexuals? There are religious who do not change your thinking because if they do your hypocrisy will end. In any case the impurity of religion will triumph, and in fact will perish, because the changing times are extremely unforgiving, and deceive human beings illiterate through religion is the easiest thing that exists, and their combined with democracy and its allies Democrats bear witness to it.

No doubt that humans were invented by a crazy, terrible invention of all time. Only in this way can be explained would extreme cruelty, the incredible savagery that at reign nodes. At all times we are desperate in search of a haven, because the savagery in most human relentlessly pursues us for millennia.

"I am a child of the universe?" Which universe? Of this I am not quite sure, because no way I identify with promoters of daily carnage. And here there is no time to start because it has long been over. This is our time of desperation, be careful, because even the sky is not free, have colonized. No longer I can say what I feel, because an army special forces weapons, points me because I am a dangerous terrorist. In the name of terrorism anything write that is not to the liking of the banks, mail me for the only freedom that now I have left: death!

Have to move with great caution, because the computers of democracy are always attentive, with its programs that spy on me, watch day and night. In these democracies we are all terrorists, because they cannot distinguish who is honest and dishonest, who works and who it doesn't work. But the electronic spies of democracy fail to detect, monitor the corrupt because of them and the banks is this democratic Kingdom.

This democracy has come to an end, we are waiting for what to start our roads to freedom and democracy without politics? This class of priests that made democracy its religion and put the crowds as their believers, servants. This is the time of crowds that govern, without Government, without elections. To corrupt that destroy our planet-is not of them, if it were it would be well estimated – we make a petition and that after they enter quietly in prisons awaiting them, and that there will never leave. We need another Inquisition to persecute the corrupt and the lead to the modern secular arm. While a corrupt remain active, thousands of lives perish, because democratic politicians are part of their fellowship.

Already turned the corner, and I can't find the life there told me be your address. Found the terror of our daily life, because democracy is delayed for a long time.

So corrupted that is this
And there are still those who believe in this
How is it possible this can follow
If everything is to destroy?

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