In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2009

Three years later

Already three passed years, still initiate for besides the eternity. 


In that landscape where you rest, that the bankers still didn't destroy, where you walk with the mother, she reveals the Universe of the silence that in the wait, after so much to walk in the it despairs. 


I don't doubt, I am the sure that shortly there will be. It is then will talk, we will smile and we will walk… finally together, united. 


Never nobody dies, he is just absent during some time. Without years, without months, without moments. Because in our minds they stay alive, perennial. 


And we will celebrate, we will sing, we will eat and we will drink the silence. 


And the water of the river reverberate, smoothly caressed by the solar, and it will silver her. And Gauguin will repaint her, it will caress, it will mold. 


And in the summits we will fix, we will be, and united forever we will rest.  

And in our minds we will meet again ourselves. 




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