In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

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The Lost Kingdom

To govern is very easy… it is enough to fake that teaching exists to have an illiterate people and easily submitting to the slavery.

He removed the dust the files in the Torre do Tombo of Lisbon when I came across a surprising manuscript.
King’s João V from Portugal, that reigned from 1706 to 1750, lived luxurious of the ships that arrived and they unloaded gold and Brazilian diamonds. He was the gods' king. It crucified crusaders' hundred and twenty million in the Convento of Mafra. The tithe to the Church of Rome crossed two hundred million. The Aqueduct of the Free Waters?.. Did the people pay. A king that still influences kings presents-day because they copy it, they supplant it. Unsatisfied, King’s João V wanted more wealth, what proves that the more are had more it is wanted, and it ordered the preparations of three ships bound for western Africa, in the drift of the robbery, in the draft of more gold and diamonds.

The equipment of the ships finished that captained for Mr Fuenteovejuna, they had left the wharf in a sedative morning. They used the practice of just the captains to know the destiny of the trip. They arrived at the islands of Cape Verde; they made the Turn to the Square, later they were at the mercy of the good winds steering for south. A lot they navigated and they tacked to the encounter of a great storm that would be said awaited them. The vacancies didn't vacate the ships that of undone agreements lost the desire, the being of good peace. Rain and windstorm intensified that forced the ships release her the hands, and they leave the route as countries badly governed. Inauspicious days was happened to efforts for if they don't move away, for us to continue as lovers, but in vain, the ship captain lost them the figures. The admiral of the sea ocean Fuenteovejuna, was not surprised when it was sailed that he walked to the drift. Just as the men that make war, the sea also gets tired and it appeases. The dance of the visible universe was proceeded and one tired sailor loosened something similar to a scream:
- Earth to the view!
- Praised is Our God Mister! - The captain that increased cried out:
- We will repair the devastation of the storm, to renew the provisions and knowledge where we leaned against.

Exhausted, they lied down in the fine sand of the imaginary paradise. The vegetation more it thickens and the sun broke up with her furnace, what took Fuenteovejuna to prophesy:
- We arrived to the country of the sun!

The kind invitation of the Nature was savoured to beat indolence, but the delight was not been long because of the shadows of the vegetation some dark human beings, covered with chocolates appeared. One stands out, it raises the hand in execution sign and Fuenteovejuna asks him:
- Where are we, who are?
- Watula! (We already arrived) they greeted the native ones in her language.
Fuenteovejuna, to James Cook in Australia, wisely it explains to their men:
- My gentlemen… it seems that we are in the kingdom of Watulas!
He saw the uselessness of her conversation because the native ones didn't understand it. It was sketched, he made an effort and not to care. Suddenly a youth, a nativity of extraordinary beauty that makes a disconcerting statement appears:
- I understand your prose.

Fuenteovejuna looked gluttonous for the youth nativity, as somebody that didn't eat anything there is a long time. He wondered, he admired her, it took off her mentally, and it looked twenty-five years. Colour of clear chocolate, reminded a statue of lost goddess, the to very sought by the Argonaut, a legend of the wonderful charmed islands that no sculptor had still sculpted. As a dream never travelled, found, never revealed. The nude breasts, erect and nipples of maddening any hominidae, suggested that has just docked in the lost paradise. To already cover her the sex she announced, it printed the wonderful invention of the bikini. Fuenteovejuna forgot about God because it felt a chill of terrestrial passion go her by the centre of the body. He snored:
- My name is Fuenteovejuna, as it is that you know my language?
- My name is Kufundisa, (to do justice) and your prose learned in the computers of the Dollars.
- As this kingdom is called and who are the Dollars?
- This kingdom, now calls her Ajimbila, (they are lost) and the Dollars govern us, they oppress us... the Dollars arrived in some special ships here with white people, the one that our people dully call gods and that colluded with the absolute king, Ka Ubu (the eternal) they reduced to zero us the souls. Our children precociously know that the victory of the death is right. We don't have food; we don't have nothing… we are zeros… for us to survive we fled for the jungle. All of the wealth of our kingdom are for the Dollars, for Ka Ubu and her tribe.
- And don't you riot?
- He doesn't give, because Ka Ubu and the Dollars have many guards, a powerful army and many sophisticated weapons. When they pick us, and as we are of the opposition, they make such sorceries that we disappeared and the murderers are never discovered. They also extract a liquid, the one that calls black gold, and it is with him that they move the machines of the Dollars, and of Ka Ubu's tribe. They also extract many diamonds. We are some million and we died from hunger… never endings, condemned to the unfortunate galleys. The one of Ka Ubu are always at parties, and he has some machines that call themselves radios, and they extend us the temptation of the invitations for her alcoholic marathons. On those days we drank a lot and eaten zero. Our people on those days uses the pastime of the spree. The only ones that they struggle to our side, that they support us a lot they are the Eclectic. They have a radio, but it is almost clandestine. They support our ideals of justice and equality for all. They are a true radio of Kalunga. They spread the revolutionary embryo of the evangelisation, the fraternity, the love, and they announce… they shout, they always utter the truth. The atrocities of the Dollars and of Ka Ubu they are denounced opportunely, but they don't leave that the sign of the radio goes very far. When the Eclectic try far away the sign and to pass the right to the information for all, they accuse us of malefaction, they arrest us, they threaten us, and if necessary they free us for the parallel universe of the death. They also negotiate many adventurous foreigners of the worst… malefactors for us to pursue us, they explore us… nor our traditional black-people's hut the one that they call cottages escapes. Ka Ubu loses interest of our lives. We survived diving in the prostitution. Ka Ubu appreciates my beauty a lot, I got to flee her of the harem but at any moment fear to be recaptured… he wants me to be her wife, but no I accept, I don't like him… nobody likes him!

Fuenteovejuna, after hearing everything that beautiful Kufundisa said, kept a deep silent, later he clouded over and it cleared up:
- My spectacular beauty …
- Ah! Thank you very much…
-… Kufundisa, supported you to re-establish the peace, harmony, justice, so that there is not more hunger in this kingdom.
- And how will you make it?
Fuenteovejuna didn't feel well. The sweet disturbed him opened her the soul. Of course had other intentions. After the adventure, if it finished satisfactorily would eat, it would suck the whole body, the beauty of Kufundisa. He decided:
- Do we go parliamentary with the Eclectic, so that they spread to her radio for whole the kingdom, that is the most important… and as for the weapons that use… do you have some idea?
- Yes! I will speak to the dad Akakakula, (to give the first food to a child) he was our king… it continues very kind, our people like him a lot. It was dethroned due to Ka Ubu's ambitions and of their friends Dollars.
- Kufundisa, have to spy the facilities of the Dollars and Ka Ubu. Some men are going with you, later we will idealize an attack plan.
- Yes! I will keep eternal gratitude for everything that you do for our freedom, for our people… but please you don't expose yourself too much!
They looked at each other for a deep moment in the universe of their eyes. They felt the inevitable sorcery that it attracts the two races, the two wonderful colours. The effect of the sorcery was fast, they hugged each other, they kissed each other in an impulse of falls of Kalandula, overpowering of lost desires, to await the promised future, wounded in the anguish of so many waits.

Later, Kufundisa getting confused with the jungle, she met with her father Akakakula, and the boss of the Eclectic, Mutongi (fighter). Akakakula presented Fuenteovejuna some weapons used by Ka Ubu's guards and of the Dollars. However, the spies sent by Fuenteovejuna also if they gathered them and they gave the point of the situation.
After Kufundisa gets to instruct the handling of the weapons properly, and of Mutongi to promise support in her radio with words in code to the resistant ones, he settled that the primordial objectives would be the liquid, call of black gold. Without this liquid, Ka Ubu and the Dollars would cry embittered.

They occurred several attacks with success. Ka Ubu and the Dollars worried, because they saw the immense wealth flee them as sand to the wind. Ka Ubu summoned one of the many viceroys immediately and it demanded him:
- Who don't know is from behind of this?
- No, my king, I don't know!
- That morbidity…
Ka Ubu had to demonstrate her anger, dissatisfaction, and the best for a king is to see the cholera in his face, to scream, and he screamed:
-… her morbid one, it can only be that cursed of Kufundisa, and of her father, that opposition Akakakula.
- Without my doubts king! Mutongi of the Eclectic is to pass a message in the radio of him of Kufundisa… she says that there is a lot of corruption in the kingdom, and that will take the power with the foreigners' help.
- Foreigners!? Who, the Dollars!?
- No my king, they are not Dollars, they are other exchanges.
- Other!?.. Who!?.. Does it confiscate me Kufundisa and her damned father. It is going you and it turns you with her… damned unlucky!

With the aid of the Dollars it was facilitated immense the boss of Ka Ubu's guards to capture the sweet, soft Kufundisa. Already in the presence of the tyranny, the hard life is resounded:
- Already anything I illuminate… because of you damsels whitewash kingdoms, empires… now in my kingdom a revolutionary was born. You and your Toussaint l'Ouverture! I will give you he tortures of the nipples that you will never forget.
- Oh it is! And that torture of the nipples is that?
- Kufundisa, don't omit me, you know that I wish you, that I have all of the women that I want. You are the elect, the privileged, and the princess of my harem! In this kingdom everything and all of the women belong me, and you are not exception!
- No!!! As an ancestor said: until that the lions have their own historians, the hunt histories will continue glorifying the hunter. We are bodies to the wait in your slaughterhouse!
- Guards, remove me of here this tsetse! Prison with her! That the whip she caresses!

In the prison, the enchanters backs of Kufundisa burn with the fire of the whippings. The blood of the injustice drains him because they will always exist many unjust oceans and almost none fair streams. But Kufundisa was very crooked because nor I lament, groan, request of mercy osculate.
However, Fuenteovejuna and their friends become aware of the prison of Kufundisa. The revolt spreads, it reaches the peak. The Eclectic with the help of the popular ones extended the sign of the radio to the whole kingdom, and they denounced that Ka Ubu and their friends Dollars got ready to the surrender. The situation the boss of the Dollars that tried to negotiate with the in revolt ones, but in vain. Ka Ubu, feeling is only scraped for place of uncertainties, for a kingdom friend's habitual exile. A pressure group led by Fuenteovejuna devastates the prison and it frees Kufundisa. The two now lovers take advantage of the situation, they jump she, hug each other, they kiss each other endlessly. Kufundisa is of tracks.
- My love got! Oh! As you love!
- Also me… without your courage nothing of this would be possible!

He recovered Akakakula in the throne. Mutongi king of the Eclectic saw to her radio definitively. Songs, praises and drummed Kalunga were proclaimed, intoned, spiritualized. A time of darkness had finished, and an information for the without voice had resumed. The education, the progress of the kingdom was democratized. Akakakula proclaimed the new kingdom with the name Azériua. (They are happy).

Fuenteovejuna left, he was an adventurer, he left Kufundisa with a son. It went to America tracking Francisco Pizarro, Fernando Cortez, and the elixir of the long life of Ponce of León… where there is El Dorado’s, mysterious cities of the gold, there will be and never of there will they leave.
It didn't delay that they contributed Azériua the ships with the missionaries of the evangelisation, of the sword of the dilapidation Adventurers and gunmen were happened in the tireless search of the question: "where is the gold? " and the native ones answered: "here no, but there a lot, very far he has" Black Africa is, it will be the eternal adventurers' destiny.

Still today in the density of the jungles of the Golf of Guinea, some more-old ones hot of the bonfires in the cold nights, they count the children the legend of the people of Azériua.
To civilize is to destroy with the petroleum of the minorities, most. He only brings us sadness, poverty, hungers.


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