In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

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Romeo and Juliet. Based on a true fact

The man that doesn't read good books doesn't have any advantage on those that cannot read them. Mark Twain

They are not the Laws of the Universal Gravitation. It is the universal attraction of two human bodies, that if not being able to places, they stay in the tombs of the totalitarian regimes. The dear guides immortal leads that illuminate the roads of the hunger. There is no conditioned, only gentle conditions for adventurers.

Romeo and Juliet fell in love, they were dated. I don't eat those that date and they do a mere occupation of that for the time pass. They loved each other for besides the winged mountains of their souls. A lot for besides the universal attraction of two terrestrial bodies. Their hearts were abnormal because they were possessed by the high voltage of Tesla, that provoked them loving short circuits. They didn't notice that they built a divine ship, and in her they embarked in a parallel universe, far away from the unalterable human laws.

Romeo, twenty-one years old and Juliet with sixteen were neighbouring, and it has been two years that bloomed in the courtship. Her father didn't know, to know was not able to. They studied, the future prepared. Romeo lived with an uncle that supported him as an immense sea of roses.
They became distracted and Juliet became pregnant. More natural thing us that they love each other. That gives to the other, what receives the consecrated semen, that later it germinates as winning life, in a beautiful one or in a beautiful one, always awaiting the suits and eternal fertile glances of affection, that peep it before and after the brutal contact with the human predators.

They unfastened in her love that already felt maturity. The responsibility that they accepted, in the everyday infidel. Romeo reminded him:
- Darling… I find better undo the pregnancy.
- Yes… I also thought already about that my love!
- You know… some medicines that sell thereabout… I think they are efficient.
- Already volume some… with my friends' help… everything will run well. I wait like this for him!..
- I agree with you. We studied, and at this time we don't have conditions to support a being that will be born, and for which don't have means of sustaining, to feed. It will be one more hungry person. Who will support us? Certainly you will be banished of house. Where? And me? What am in an uncle's house?!.. Will we stop studying. It will be our end… if this kingdom planning a calendar of national consensus… a support program to young like us, that would be very good, as that it doesn't exist, it will never exist... until a nobleman of the real university it almost destroyed it because of a lover. I don't conceive that our teaching can be a deceiving pastime.
- Romeo… I perfectly understand. Your concerns are the eternity of the fortress, of the certainty of our love. In spite of removing the sowing of my womb, that I only swore you to belong, it will continue keen of freedom for in him again you exercise. He plants in this garden of the homelike delicacies, the seed of our universe. You will see the fruits tasty, homelike later that you will fall in the paradise of your hands.

And the life in the laboratory of Juliet expanded, she felt as the fish in the water, it grew, it shuffled, it was reborn. Concerned, but very romanticized, as if of their lips they were born torrents of jasmines, and the perfume incinerated her lover in a lake of tears of pansies.
- Romeo, Benedictine, blessed, blessed love, I don't feel well. I think I am with malaria.
- I will seek help.
- It is not worthwhile. Nobody will help us. We are just young that love each other. Who does worry about that? He thinks about that my tenderness, my pure essence, and everything will be exalted!
- I trust you, in your celestial root, head office of imperial love.

Juliet felt in a confused sea, she didn't run her of feature. As growth of mangroves that oppress, carpet the margin of the marine soul, of the natural protection. The youth of her strengthened body, always appropriate for any to jump obstacle, in tide of roses always taken care, watered, and that in the forgetfulness he dries off, without watering. But that later receives the water of the life. He gets up again and he sings the aria of the Choir of the Fallen ones. He doesn't forget the final representation to the Creator of the love. The flower with and without pain, always feminine, uterine, capable for the fecundation.

Juliet felt her jasmine plant flower jasmine-mango wither. In spite of very perfumed didn't get to shine. She threw the last request of help maybe.
- Please… it takes me for the maternity.
Romeo didn't know as obeying. What to do of the and in the time, what to think. It felt the sun turn off. It was mechanized as fortune-teller in the maybe the hazy lover's last desire.
- It is well… you don't leave the jasmine of our spring of the life to wither.
- Not! Your floral one will never wither. It is rejuvenated… he already rejuvenated the ecology. Always very awake… for you open.

It arrived at the maternity and it was given to the intensive cares. He sighed; it sought the life that lacked him, of the only that he loved her. In the exterior, Romeo awaited impatient. Maybe it went just one more of those gestures, symptoms that usually the women feel during the pregnancy. But the time passed, and you announce them, he felt, they were uncomfortable. It felt a sparkle in the brain. As if somebody was her to send a message. That strange... it was the first time that felt such in her thought. He seemed a nightmare. He woke up startled. He didn't wait, it went up the stairways pushing, not caring with whom he appeared him for the front. He knew where she was. It parked and he asked:
- Juliet…
The doctor's look predicted that the being of having faith if it didn't shape. He felt to move for the glacial time. The physical geography made dizzy him, with their phenomenon physical, biological and humans. The doctor got to discard:
- It died!

Unhappily it is just with this word that the people of everyone, that they work in the areas of health answer. They are too habituated to the death. As if they bought any product in an any supermarket. They savour with the comfortable largest a good savory-snack to the foot of a corpse. To savour the death is her profession. It seems that they lost the feelings. They just seat the people as any object. While they work are serviceable. When they don't serve us, the destiny is the dustbin, the one that calls cemetery. Sad reality and end of perishing.

Romeo disappeared. He stood back of the reality. The loved of her life… without her? Will mistake be? No! He saw, it felt that she said goodbye to the wall of support of the life that collapsed. He didn't breathe. He remembered that when we left the dynasty of the candle relating to experience didn't breathe. He felt the tenuous calls that remained the soul of her love, already in the departure endless.

They dreamed me that he would discover the Road
that everything would be revealed me
lament! I didn't get
I leave you my last sighs
they are going to you. Everything sees so darkness
he seems night. That moonlight, in this so I find strange place!
And however so beautiful. I see somebody very far
that he hurries. He levitates for me
Romeo! I am afraid! Ah!.. you are you!
don't stay. They come my ardour
it welcomes you in my open arms
He still wanted to live a lot
but they didn't leave me
they don't leave anybody to live
It just remains us the sleep, the eternal dream
of our unhappiness.

A tremendous interior fire travelled him the body. The decision of such cruel death to expiate the guilty conscience that felt… the revenge to an inhuman society. A revenge to the world that didn't know how to welcome them. He acquired the certainty that is not fast more to live. But, it was not him that committed the crime. Unhappily in the epidemic kingdom it is prohibited to love. Everything is prohibited. The noblemen have legal authorization, inquisitorial. Just a thing is not prohibited… the death. In the animal kingdom he is permitted everything. To live to steal, to live to die to the hunger.

He diffused in a container. It was in a service fuel and it filled it with gasoline. He entered home usually, nobody suspected of their intentions. He closed in the fourth well locked. It sopped the mattress with gasoline, he lied down and he caught it fire. The fires took care of her body. A family one feels smoke signs. He tries to open the door of the room, it doesn't get. They wore out fifteen minutes to drop the fortification. They took it fast to the hospital. The burns were intense. Difficultly it would escape. Little later it came the end than it remains us. The invitation of the death was assisted. Happy for stealing one younger, it transported him for her eternal abyss. The last moments were a message of hope, for her Juliet. To who loved, as few know how to do. To the largest, purer and only love of her life.

I am about to exhaust
in the fires of the gasoline of this petroleum
In the darkness of the cold public safes
where keeps the fortunes invisible, insensitive
that they lead us to the death
Mine, our clamour won't be vain
somebody will listen, it will fold again this appeal!
In the shadiest night of the times
I will return, and together we will enchant, we will spread
the human perfume, of the humanity of our Love
Oh!.. My love… we will return!
to annihilate the tyrants that extinguished the love
I see forever finally!
your beauty and your love that follow me
Come! For our eternal home!
where doesn't exist nights
just our glorious Love
If fortune didn't have in the earth
the one of the sky will be our treasure
Your silence will be as an encyclopaedia
Ó Glory! Ó Glory! It follows us
she camps us always Love Victorious, Virtuous
I take with me the Ring of Nibelung
Of our love of the powdered gold
of the symbol of the initiation of the mysteries of our cult

Of the marriage that they invented, with the death married us
this connection that never somebody will separate


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