In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2009


Bank Millennium Angola, a bank Jack Sparrow.

When a government misfortune the population, is in a Jurassic impasse. However we continued with the parties, the noisiest possible. Because just this that they taught us was. Nothing else knows… what to do. Except the great hunger that approaches inevitable (?). But, in Luanda, no there is nobody what speaks of economy (?). Economists' infested Luanda. They are so many, so many that nobody can tell them. Of a thing we know: they passed, they confuse the mice.

Bank Millennium Angola, a bank of the Beyond.

"José Sócrates is, as boss of the Portuguese Executive, the person that has power in more Portuguese strategic companies. Reap-if-him José Eduardo dos Santos. No private Portuguese has power in as many administration pieces of advice as those two statesmen."

We were born in the obedience and in the subservience of God. Dements in the constant threat that we would be punished. In the superstition that He watched us. It is like this in the floods.

And the bosses didn't pay us for the work that we did, applauded, laugh, of our divine superstition. The religion is always leaned in the dictatorships, because in them they are protected, they avenge in the lack of instruction of the people. It is the more illiteracy better, more factories. Then later, we discovered the truth that is the falsehood of the Church.

And other religion subsists marginal, satanic, the one of the soccer. That the crowds that follow her, so stupidities, that if inhumane them and in mutants they changed. They crawl in the clergyman, as destructive bankers of our future.

And we continued, and we wanted to study in a university, but we saw that these things are also for false rich. Because all the ones that the they are necessarily had to steal. It is easily is proven, a Technician of Bills is enough just tried to analyze some documents of the accounting of a company. For instance: Belmiro de Azevedo, Américo Amorim and Fernando Ulrich that remain silent. Stop speaking for illiterates. They stole and they steal the Portuguese people. Because in a wild world of thieves - where everything is false - to survive it is imperious to steal. They will be properly judged and condemned by the popular forces, since the tribunals don't work. Who is honest continues in the faith of the prison of God, with the death right, guaranteed.

Already abandon us voting for in political parties, because we know beforehand that it is a pure waste of time. Many years passed and we just saw - just as in the documents accountants - presidents and prime ministers… democratic they steal her or they support her who does him. We attended the total discredit.

Just as imagines, we saw the fortress of the international terrorism rise as Poseidon of the bottoms of the seas and to expire - yes, the terrorism will prevail -. Because the governments just offer us thieves, corrupt and destruction general, total. They are totalitarian democracies. Democratic crimes voted for in the elections that cross any endless history. Democracies appoints, sympathetic, tolerant with whom he does us terrible badly… the banks and bankers.

They were exceeded when they got to dirty, the love to vulgarize. They eclipsed him in the industrial dejects. They undressed him completely and they joined him the woman and they filmed us, they photographed us close to artificial idyllic landscapes, because the natural ones left in the bank sub primes. As well as the healthy children, that before they be born… they are already sick. Unhealthy bank civilization.

And continuum’s to make an effort in the study and in the work. Surrender us exemplary technicians, but never humans. But anything if it altered, the bosses didn't pay us, they stole us. Then we ended: for the life to continue is necessary a permanent revolution, arm or not. Because the world governments, presents, exterminate us. And we should riot yes! Before they finish us. Fear for something!? Of something!? Because died or alive, are we condemned.

Then, with so many presidents and prime ministers corrupt, crooked, wicked, thieves, lying. We decided, or better: we discovered the TRUTH. Everything is falsehood. Exams of believing… we didn't believe in them. So that we can live in peace will owe: at once we should extinguish the religion and the politicians. As they won't calmly go, for very violent days are waited. The hungry persons don't need banks, bankers and governments for us to survive. On the contrary. The war is declared. Let us struggle for the end of this society, of this civilization. Already all saw, we felt that the actual of the things kills us!

So much and so much cruelty that they did us and obstinately they do. They stole us the work, the lands, invaded us the homes, they surround us of poisonous gauzes for in the chirp us.

When we looked at any side, we only see occupation forces, foreigners or not. They did us, they increased in the more terrorists. The western democracies and USA, are experts in the formation, defeatists' production, terrorist. Everything that we have, wins honestly with many sacrifices, everything does, they invent for us to steal us. Are they to see?! Are we countless millions of terrorists, and did we seem not to exist. We will arrest them, to judge them and to condemn them again to the secular arm.

"Of future we will have a society with degraded political institutions, with an obsolete politics and a class of irresponsible managers. It is the collapse of the regime, it is something new that we didn't know and that will worry hereafter... there is No justice or it goes being done after the validity, but without punishment, in times after the death... "
In Bcp Crime

And everything that is truth, about the sun in the breaches of the concrete in the cities, and the more beautiful woman of all of the things: the green of the plants, the marine waves, agitating of wings of the birds, the calm of the rivers, brooks, streams and lakes. Forests and forests that courageously survive the just a species. The bankers and their damned banks.
This sociological building that they raised in the falsehood and in the cruelty, in the same way it will be destroyed.

My gentlemen… we are going to them!


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