In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2009

It was a very funny kingdom. A story of Christmas

To Patrícia Martinelli
It was a very funny kingdom, he had a lot of petroleum but he didn't have anything. It was a very funny kingdom, he had many diamonds but he didn't have anything. It was a very funny kingdom, he had a gigantic dam but he didn't have light. It was a very funny kingdom, he had many rivers but he didn't have water. Then the one what did that kingdom have?! Was a very unfortunate kingdom, did he have many idiots in the power.

The governess he got tired atypical and he apologized, especially Energy Jingola's Ministry that always guaranteed the same thing, always the same state of siege: "That the public illumination got better. New central in the capital they generate energy without cuts. And that they are to be created conditions to improve the supply of energy to the capital of Jingola. And plus, that the supply of energy in the festival block is guaranteed. And they remind that at that time of the festival block, the Ministry creates, all of the years, a special program of attendance and prevention in the area of the distribution of energy for if they avoid cuts and other anomalies to disturb the normal operation of energy."

Strange to these spells, the aunt Lwena, the aunt Marta and the aunt Emília denounces a time his personal newspaper of news. They are in the entrance of his building sat down. The aunt Emília is with her thermal box in the sale of gaseous. She and Marta change dollars and they sell cards of cellular phones recharge. Lwena attends them in the conversations. They are very religious, very superstitious, and very fanatic. They are as in a temple of Christ sounded out of tune in the time. The aunt Lwena begins the last of his newspaper:

- The South Africans were there in the company, it was everything well. Suddenly they appeared the Portuguese, they seem that they are as the ghosts, they appear as well as of the anything. They deceived my son with the gifts of Christmas. Did they only leave them whiskeys, those drunk that burn, to see sister, is not?!
Emília assents with sadness. She has studies, until she already worked many years in a drugstore. Also give clues on medicines. She got tired because the wage that usufruct didn't give for the gas of the kitchen. It is revolted in his misfortune companion's defence:

- It is the elementary colonialist nostalgia, revanchist of the people that unhappily if it turned in the most unfortunate of Europe. Those Portuguese also sister… it is everything good, where they arrive is everything very rotten, they destroy everything.
Marta is not very condescending, actually she is aggressive. Devout face but when she enervate likes of exhibition. And it reinforces their sisters:

- He is really truth sisters, and then where there is wine does a lot of confusion. They are very late. They had not developed a lot. When they annoy I am going to shoot me them hills of stones in his snouts. He will arrive the moment in that those that govern us and more those foreigners will pay us for all of the evils that do us. That is the sign of the end of the times. Sisters, if they look well for the sky already some are noticed signs of the arrival of the Mister. Them that take care, but it is not fast because they won't survive, it is already too late. Hum! Do sisters, know that more? The best?

- Doesn't it pour, does it count there, is the something? - They were anxious the two.
- Then our kingdom also… it only guarantees us water, it shines and protection policeman once a year. But what kingdom shit is this?! Should it be one of those parallel universes what my son told me that he saw of the film of BBC. Then only we did exist once a year? Only in the festival block and in the other days… anything. It is really pure Africanize. If the light lacks it is well done. Also as weak as is. This of we be African tow ends when?! Every time worse!
- It pours, don't curse, or else it will destroy our festival block. He doesn't give to do blasphemies because the demonic now walks a lot… it is always attentive. Oh my God, I feel that will be without light and without water! God was to devastate this whole shit. But it won't be long, fast this shit will end. - She admitted with conviction the aunt Lwena.

Emília gathers about the usual darkness that invades of readiness the capital of the kingdom Jingola.
Sisters, there in some streets they are there are four days without light. They already got tired of digging in the walks, in the streets… it is everything crack as in Iraq. They continue in the searches of the mishap, where the cable is destroyed. They say that it can be long hours, days, weeks, until they solve that mystery of the electric cable.
As it is 24, previous day of Christmas, the aunts arrange their fishing nets and they steer to their houses, wanting how it is obviate the reverses good-parties. And the habitual lament of the whole Jingola: “we struggled for something! Jingola is again in the foreigners' hands!

25, Christmas. Everything is in a good one. In some homes gush the ostentation of the spoliation oil-producing and too much wealth Jingolas. In these there are never problems… for the time being. In the almost totality the poor homes Jingolas gush of the afflicted poverty. These are not entitled. You Jingolas they lied us with the freedom and they force us to an indescribable slavery before the gibe of the foreign packs.

Then it happened: even on that moment in that all are of duty to attack them eat and you drink that they invade tables and glasses. Tombs, the light left and soon afterwards the water. Then the believers aunts meet as one of those specialty committees, of emergency for us to analyze the situation. The aunt Lwena, feverous believer is the first in the manifestation:
- Aiuééééé!!! Sisters, sisters, sisters! It is the sign… he arrived!
- Him who?! - does he Get mixed up Marta.
- The God, because who more it had to be?!
Emília corroborates them and she throws them finally the saint blessing of the arrival of the God to the Earth to redeem the alive ones and to judge the deads.
- Sisters, already know how it is!
- Do we know more the something?! - did they Join Marta and Lwena in chorus.
- To throw everything out, including our money, because this is the last sign of the arrival of God. Let us save in the sisters… and be like this.
- Ámen! - They were sentenced.


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