In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

quarta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2008

Goddess Kilimanjaro

Yes! I elevate you, I lift you, even more not to want, Always plus, more and more. Let us go!
Yes! We got up, we rose, to the summits of Kilimanjaro and Everest. And for there we are eternally to adore the surpluses of the world of the love.

And that later we navigate in sea air horses, skimmed by sailings, and let us fly under the oceans, and no more we return. Let us navigate! Let us navigate! It levitates me in your intimate. No longer there is far away, everything is so distant, dived, so out of our souls, so heartless.

And that later, when somebody arises, that finds us frozen, hugged, still in ecstasy… dear. And that all follow the footprints of the shrine of our love.

And we be famous because we were the only pair that remained of the speculation loving, dreadful.

Then a gigantic wave of darkness came and the Earth darkened, of the radars it disappeared. She never again moved.

Drifted spatial (!)

Gil Gonçalves

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