In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2008

Lost Kingdom (II)

- My name Fuenteovejuna is, as it is that you know my language?
- My name is Kufundisa, (to do justice) and your prose learned in the computers of the Dollars.
- As this kingdom is called, and who are the Dollars?
- This kingdom, now calls her Ajimbila, (they are lost) and the Dollars govern us, they oppress us... the Dollars arrived in special ships here, with white people, the one that our people dully call gods and that colluded with the absolute king, Ka Ubu (the eternal) they reduced to zero us the souls. Our children precocious know that the victory of the death is right. We don't have food, we don't have nothing… just zeros… for us to survive in a hurry for the jungle. All of the wealth of our kingdom are for the Dollars, for Ka Ubu and his/her tribe.
- And don't you riot?
- Doesn't give, because Ka Ubu and the Dollars have many guards, a powerful army and many sophisticated weapons. When they pick us, and as we are of the opposition, they make such sorceries that we disappeared and the murderers are never discovered. They also extract a liquid, the one that calls black gold, and it is with him that move the machines of the Dollars, and of Ka Ubu's tribe. They also extract many diamonds. We are some million and we died from hunger… never ending condemned to the unfortunate galleys. The one of Ka Ubu are always at parties, and has some machines that call themselves radios, and they extend us the temptation of the invitations for his marathons. On those days we drank a lot and eaten zero. Our people on those days use the pastime of the spree. The only ones that struggle to our side, that support us a lot they are the Eclectic. They have a radio, but it is almost clandestine. They support our ideals of justice and equality for all. They are a true radio of Kalunga. They spread the revolutionary embryo of the evangelisation, the fraternity, the love, and they announce… they shout, they always utter the truth. The atrocities of the Dollars and of Ka Ubu they are denounced opportunely, but they don't leave that the sign of the radio goes very far. When the Eclectic try a good way off the sign and to pass the right to the information for all, they accuse us of malefaction, they arrest us, they threaten us, and if necessary they free us for the parallel universe of the death. They also negotiate many adventurous foreigners of the the worst… malefactors for us to pursue us, they explore us. Ka Ubu loses interest of our lives. We survived diving in the prostitution. Ka Ubu appreciates my beauty a lot, I got to flee him of the harem but at any moment fear to be recaptured… he wants me to be her wife, but no I accept, I don't like him… nobody likes him!

Fuenteovejuna, after hearing everything that beautiful Kufundisa said, kept a deep silent, later he clouded over and it cleared up:
- My beauty spectacular…
- Ah! Thank you very much…
-… Kufundisa, supported you to re-establish the peace, harmony, justice, so that there is not more hunger in this kingdom.
- And how will you make him/it?

Fuenteovejuna didn't feel well. The soft disturbed him the mind. He had other intentions. After the adventure, if it finished satisfactorily would eat, it would suck, the whole body, the beauty of Kufundisa. He decided:
- Do we go parliamentary with the Eclectic, so that they spread to her radio for whole the kingdom, that is the most important… and as for the weapons that they use… do you have some idea?
- Yes! I will speak to the dad Akakakula, (to give the first food to a child) he was our king… it continues very kind, our people like him a lot. It was dethroned due to Ka Ubu's ambitions, and of their friends Dollars.
- Kufundisa, has to spy the facilities of the Dollars and Ka Ubu. Some men are going with you, later we will idealize an attack plan.
- Yes! I will keep eternal gratitude for everything that you do for our freedom, for our people… but please you don't expose yourself too much!

They looked at each other for a deep moment in the universe of their eyes. They felt the inevitable sorcery that it attracts the two races, the two wonderful colours. The effect of the sorcery was fast, they hugged each other, they kissed each other in an impulse of Kalandula falls, overpowering of lost desires, to await the promised future, wounded in the anguish of so many waits.

Gil Gonçalves

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