In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

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The King’s Horseman (IV). Novel

- Nor does the herald let to speak to me!?.. Do they Silence me this character.
Helpful intervenes the musketeers' boss.
- Order my king!
- Orders to proclaim for the heralds of the kingdom and vice-kingdoms, that are unarmed all of the trumpets. And that never while it goes alive, I don't want to hear, not to speak, or to never see such an instrumental one. Continue with the fair, in the end I want to see who that horseman is.
- It honours your majesty and to his kingdom. I will order to improvise some cans, of those that bring the products that we mattered, to drum in them and to revive the tournament.

The king, tired makes a sign with the hand indicating that the guardian left.
As soon as the noise of the bodywork jingled ferruginous, Epok accelerated thoroughly of surprise in his horse. The red and black horseman didn't wait, it was not prepared for such inelegance. The pitied crowd prevents him:
- Count! Looks at Epok!!!

The horseman, surprised for the antagonist's audacity, it was equipped properly. He attacked his mounted of seized lance. To middle of the road they collided. The lances were distributed in the encounter of the shields protector’s. None abandoned the horses. They went down at cost due to the weight of the armours. They unseamed the swords, they raised them to the sky druidical and the sunbeams kissed their edges. As sparkles sent by God so that if made justice in the earth. But who would winner leave? Epok stands out with ferocity, as vulgar brute. The other resists. Epok strikes her blows with rage and force rude, convinced that it annihilates like this the opponent. It was as the rude force against the intelligence. The red and black horseman knows that the opponent's fats don't resist a long time. And it happens, Epok without forces faints, he kneels down. The winner horseman leans the tip of the sword in her throat. Two exclamations are heard: the first of the queen, following by the princess.
- Red horseman and black… aiué… you are too much!
- My hero of the new republic!

The king throws to look them leonine. They cover the mouths with the hands. Been sorry reconsider:
- Our king lives!
The exaggerated crowd screams guideless. - Our red and black king lives.
The king gesticulates, it fingers in the air. Some attend musketeers, they free Epok and they point their swords for the horseman fighter. They discover the helmet to unmask her face. The attendance recognizes it, after all it is very popular. They get up all and of lost fears they shout:
- Live! Live our horseman La Padep!

The princess contains the face in the hands. She doesn't consent that the weeping dies. The king asks:
- What does daughter, happen?
She of fake weeping, fakes unhealthy I discomfort:
- Oh!.. Oh!.. my father that upset. Our Epok like this swept…
… No my hummingbird, we are never due. You will see the punishment that waits for that insolent one.
- Father, please, omits him the slander.
- Very well! I will be benevolent but, it doesn't escape the some good lashes.
The queen finds the daughter's watery eyes, conflicted, waives blinks eye, to that the princess condescends. His lover horseman for the time being won't be character dantesque.

Leaning Epok for the musketeers, forces La Padep to kneel. He gives him some good kicks in the behind. Taking advantage of the guard's distraction, La Padep gets to lift the head and screams:
- Live the republic!
The crowd is impressed, it acclaims:
- Live the republic! Live the republic!

Epok orders the musketeers so that they lift La Padep and it sentences him:
- Go, asks real reward!
- Never a La Padep will make that!!!
As defensive, Epok hammers tremendous punch in the face, mock action for the musketeers that beat him, kick him for the whole body, abandoning him to the flies and mice.
The princess was attempted. It was encouraged with the queen before the mice, that there were them of all of the species, including humans that were the most dangerous, they tasted the body. She sent a trust chaperon, that rescued him for safe place. A cousin's house, follower of the republic.

Gil Gonçalves

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