In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

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The King's Horseman (III). Novel

The horseman Epok enrolls for the list. He is the cruel champion, oppressor of the gray masses, anti-manifestations, antidote anti-everything. Soaring, it contemplates the superb nobility that smoothly applauds him. The queen desires for her personal flag. A princess, the kings' daughter approaches. She is of trunks. She sits down quite moved away of the parents. The horseman Epok stands up straight sits down owner of the ball, horseman of Great Carlos. It is exasperated, because doesn't see any opponent. He doesn't discover that makes illustration of foolish, calendar without consensus. Has to show that party is the best, always of most.
- Is there no horseman in this county that faces me in this fair one?

After the tumults, normal thing in the kingdom, the crowd made delivery of what stole. The musketeers took advantage and they stole them everything that they could carry. The fools were forced to at audience to return, before the king got annoyed and it exercised more reprisals.
It was not heard live-voice to the horseman's challenge Epok. They are reborn him grandiose insults.
- Some ballads sing that you are a heroic and courageous people, victorious… band of fearsome! Doesn't tend a shit of a horseman to defend your honour and of the county in this list? I challenge your count. Count… where is you?

Nor the light breeze trembled, nobody corresponded. The horse of Epok habituated to arm and to create confusion, he is anxious, he grows weak. He gets up too much the front paws. Epok surprised gets off almost. The crowd of idiots makes rebound.
- Gee up! Gee up horse!


As coming of the thick fog a horseman appears with red and black armour. The fabric of the horse has the same colours. The crowd stops, it is suspended. The face hides inside a helmet. The King comments on:
- I already saw these colours… I don't know from where.
The queen attempts wakes up him the attention:
- My gentleman, these colours are of our flag.
- I think that it had already changed them.
- No my gentleman, they continue the same ones... in the same.
- Remind me my lady, for renewing. These colours are dismal. It is for that that my people always become sad, he riots. They are aggressive colours.

The horseman of the two colours is arrived, he announces himself:
- Epok, horseman of the sad nomenclature, I finished here to face you!
- You already know that will lose!
- No, because of your belly. Did you already notice that your horse doesn't support your weight? I will remove all I liquidate black of your belly, that same one that you steal us, and with which fill her, later I will arrest you!
- I don't fear! The prison was not made for dogs. It was done for men.
- Epok, your prisons were made for dogs like you.
- Insolent! At the end of the fight you will put yourself of knees, you will be whipped and you will renew excuses to our king and queen. Where is your nanny? Who are you?
- I don't need nanny. That is chubby service. Who am? I am the horseman of your destiny.

The red and black horseman put a handkerchief with these colours in the tip of his lance. It extended her in the youth princess's direction. This collected him and kept him. The kings show some indisposition. Epok mirrored her symbol to his queen. Mother and daughter complicity, while somebody of the attendance screams:
- The red and black horseman lives!
Then all of the temporary voices.
- The defender of our county lives, that God protects him!

The king makes sign for the fair to begin. The trumpeters lift the instruments, they lean us to the lips. The thunder of cannons resumes. The crowd is anxious. The wood of the list splits, separates, it tumbles. A convinced republican cries out:
- It should be the squad of ships of La Fayette that leaned against.
Other very animated screams.
- Finally frees, live the freedom!
Fearing new draft, the king is whined:
- I cannot leave the palace. I am surrounded of incompetent. Where arrives only see incompetence and disorganization.
The herald interrupts him to announce to the people that the king will dismiss the count of Jinhoka. The king comments on:

Gil Gonçalves

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