In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

quarta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2008

The King’s Horseman (VI). Novel

- And alone now it is that you tell me that?
The prisoner was silenced, he thought for itself. - Hey! It is alone stupids, doesn't admire that the king is eternalized in the power.

The guard's boss, mocker, surround, looking with constant contempt the fellow creature, filling with airs that is the most important character of the kingdom, orders glacial:
- Send a beater for the streets, I want to say, a herald to proclaim that the king's guard will pass. Who be idled in them, for the sword it will be passed.
- It is not necessary, they already know. – A guard has fun.
The herald was ahead, it already continues in the street of Marufa. He screams to full lungs.
- Out of the street! Out of the street! Convoy Real will pass!

Disguised, half hidden in what remains of their houses for lack of bank credits for maintenance, nobody dares to put the head outside. The king's guard is famous because through where passes clue damages. It is heard the roar of many horseshoes of horses. Everything shakes. The panicky children shout. The comments of the population are followed economically stop working.
- It seems an earth tremor to remind the coach of the marathons, of the protest marches in the streets.
- It will have many died.
- We should riot.
- Doesn't give. We are to die to the hunger and when we picked some thing to eat, they lack us the forces. The teeth vanish.
- It will be a great slaughter.
- There they are leaving more lives of journalists and political of the opposition.
- They see if it lacks somebody home.
- Didn't they still kill anybody?
- Not! Today we are lucky!
- I go but it is to change of street. Belita!.. It arranges our poverty, we are going to the mammy's house.
- My husband stays us again without dishes. The noise that they do when they pass breaks everything.
- They should build a street only for them.

Usually in these adventures sufferers there is always an exaggerating number of humans frustrated that they dispute the alcoholic day by day. In the distance it is heard the voice of one of them, maybe a true unknown soldier.
- Let to pass… to end… the king's mosquitoes.
The boss hears, and clearing cannot leave such a spoilt offence and question to the guards:
- Who is that called us of mosquitoes?
- He should be a foreigner.

In the future real stables, the champion Divad continues with success her activities. He promised that it would embargo the construction, without precautionary providence, due to the huge smell. He needs, that that will displace, it will drive away the rare existent oxygenic, in the one that no longer it deserves environment to be called. Somebody runs and it interrupts the prelection, of the art of the volunteer jurisdiction.
- Champion Divad, comes a powerful army there. I think the whole guard of the kingdom united forces!

The glances confirm. A platoon and such with halberdiers, archers, gunners, and some of the secret guard surround the republicans. Without orders is born the soldier's disorder. In the kingdom, soldier of the guard is general.
- Attention to form! To prepare! To the attack!!!
The guard's attached boss, to avoid court martial asks for certifying.
- Do we give cable of them all?
- Not! Arrest us!
- Boss doesn't forget when we left are to kill. The men are frustrated, later at night they get drunk, and they are born riots.
- Ok! Great beating in them, but they don't kill anybody.

Due to the associate's intervention the final order was distorted. The boss puts back the convoy in the place.
- On behalf of the king! To the attack, and in my angry force!
It was a memorable parliamentary session of beating. Until gave for some apprentices of martial arts try some blows. The boss executes an escape.
- Stop with that shit porra!!! They arrest us and later cover with earth us in the dungeons. They swallow me Divad.
The prisoner is immediately present as orderly.
- Ó champion Divad of the free hands. Of this you escape, of the close you are with the hands arrested.
- It is alone that that they do. We just want the republic in the kingdom. To end with the poverty of the populations.
- Beautiful words, of that don't pass. Cursed republican plotter. If was not the king, it would put an end to your free hands. Guards, put him in his place!
- Boss, is here one of the republicans radio. I didn't scratch him because I believe in the Gospel. I can call a friend of the Jehovah's Witness. They like each other a lot…
… Not. Take it with the other ones. I don't want problems with the Cardinal. He and the queen are a lot of friends.

Gil Gonçalves

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