In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2008

Total Eclipse

And the kingdom paralyzed, because died left him ten widows that occupied high government positions.

In the kingdom, the democracy consolidates with a radio, a TV and a newspaper.

The public spaces are privatized, for the streets of the city to reduce, and the cars increase.
The presidential palace is deified, the buildings her ruins, is what remains of the colonial nostalgia.
A president, presidential oil wells, a presidential palace, a cut, a red guard, a fortified castle. Out, one magnifies landscape. Starved populations search the soil in the search of something for us to eat and of water for us to drink.
Presidential airplane, escorts, keeps palace, car, government palace, presidential residence. In the end, a presidential coffin, everything presidential. The population no, it is marginal.
If the people are illiterate, it is because the rulers don't read him.
The flies are the hungry persons' company. Beautiful cars and beautiful women delight the rulers.

Since the international community supports this cursed dictatorship, we will be us that will drop the statues of the power.
The wealthy government governs hungry people.
When the independence is wild, everything and all then, they live in the jungle.
When the monarch's palace is strongly surrounded for military, it is because the population gets ready to assault it.
When the dictator speaks, the population looks at him, but she doesn't listen to it.
Where there is no bread, there is a lot of corruption.
When it is known beforehand that the party in the corrupt power will lose the elections, the war is right.
Where a lot of food, there has are a lot of rats and catnip.

The vultures are as rulers that make fun of what remains of our body.
So much promise, that the new life will improve. And our old hunger moves forward. When some bishops support the corrupt power, the religion darkens the souls.
When Idi Amin and Mugabe extinguish, other they are implanted, they are reborn, and they substitute us. There are no differences, especially because the Resurrections refine the tortures.
Announced him to the winds that the buildings will tumble but, darkened them anything did, and nothing does for avoiding.
It is like this the population doesn't accept, no it accepts any rule of social coexistence, no it accepts anything. I believe that it is part of the new traditions.
It is not possible there to be peace and elections, with the whole wealth of the kingdom concentrated in the royal family.

It is the only kingdom all over the world, where the highways are totally the attackers' accomplices. Because the cars are always stopped. And the motorcycle-fast ones, cutlass’s, axes and clubs, attack badly, badly.
When the tyrants make speeches warlike, the highways of the peace and of the democracy they chaotic.
When the king does years, glorious marathons wait for us.
When an Idi Amin dies, two resurrect.
When the power is violent, only with violence it will fall.
The wild gangs are eternalized, infernal him in the power.
We be independent is terms a hymn, a flag, oil wells and hungry persons.
And the liberators occupied the colonial palace, and they freed many oil wells and secret bank accounts. The sun and the water are for all, the petroleum no. We lived in concentration camps onshore and offshore.

Consortium of banks and Portuguese companies want to build a metropolitan of surface in Luanda. It will be long three years, and the problems of the traffic will end. In the bottom it is the same thing that to say: their stupid and late blacks. But not! It is treated of the power that the companies of the real estate speculation have under the government… they already dominate him. And they feel comfortable will, in the very clear lake, in the paradise of the profits, in the hungry persons' merciless death that they believed in PML-Party Leninist Marxist.

Behind the great Chinese building sites, he’s hides the desire no longer disguised, of substitution of the old colonial potencies. A serious mistake of the Chinese blindness that it will finish with all the Black-Bantus to banish everything that goes Chinese. Black Africa has many serious problems but, the African youth no longer it is the one of the sixties.

And in the promised no interference in the African governments' politics, they hide great armament ships, ready for the badly masked Chinese imperialism in Black Africa. China also exports Darfures, and in the end Black Africa will ask the Occident for help, to recreate the cycle of the liberation fight. When it is invested in the formation of the illiteracy, it is one more Darfur that there comes. China will continue, it will support elections with ships loaded of weapons and ammunitions.
The Chinese help includes armament, so that in the future a bloody psalm of the Chinese imperialism is sung. The Indians buried the war axe, China in Black Africa exhumes it. The human being's hypocrisy is so immoderate, that he still dares to speak of happiness.

And the prices of the petroleum arise. No longer there is stairway to climb, there to arrive. The human madness finally ended. To steal became so vulgar that in the group to ask: so that it serves the economic science?! So that they serve the governments, and their laws?!
The answer is easy: the world implosion is there again. Plus million of died for us to fertilize the Earth.

Gil Gonçalves
Image: Angola em fotos

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