In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

terça-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2008


When the princess auscultated the prison finally of many republican, she ran with the heart in the hand for the queen.
- My mother begs you. It helps me to remove those men of the prison. Reason, what do the ones only fight for the freedom they are arrested, and the dictators no!?
- If your father knows that you sympathize with the republicans, collapse us of the palace. And how is it… as it will be… who removes them of the dungeons?
The princess fills with malicious air, flow in, stay and victorious blunder.
- Epok!
- That knocks out my daughter! I take out bottomless and ridicule as it is, the first thing that will do is to spill in your dad's ears.
- If you give him some touches not.
- As like this! What is that you insinuate?
- I know…
… Do you know the something?
- In a somnambulistic night, I glimpsed them in the camera.
- And what is the one that you filmed?
- Two charming landscapes.
- It is well, phallus with him but, just this time. And clue of you film me, or else I order to put the jail, or to exile you.
- Mother excuses, you were so beautiful… so amusing…
… You have been very pornographic, I will boycott you the reading of obscenities.
- Don't do me that, I like you a lot.
- It is well, we castrated for here.


Already prepared the assembly line, now Black Africa is capable for I manufacture Somalia’s series and Darfur’s.

Imprudent Epok sinks in the king's deprived honour living room.
- My king. We have problems with the project of the twenty million.
- Which of them?! They are so many!
- That of the small cards that the kingdom of the Occident computerized. I don't remember the name.
- The identity ticket.
- Yes my king, thank you. You are the only person of the kingdom that knows everything.
- For that I am the king, it unmasks there.
- We disposed twenty million that coin, I don't remember the name.
- Dollars!
- Really! You are the only person of the kingdom that knows everything.
- For that I am the king, says there.
- Five million… I don't know what happens in my head, five million of… of the… pains. It is that, this time got right. Five million pains.
- Five million dollars.

The king was paused. He approached the only existent window, looked at the landscape of the decorated garden with the flowers that more played her sensibility. It was celebrated inwardly when it contemplated the passion flower, to flower-pity-blood, the flower-give-night, to flower-dos-loves and flower-pity-emperor. The horseman Epok interrupts the aromatic sensations.
- My king. Of that amount they were solitary five million frauds for the purchase of the coaches, that they support the brigades of the such tickets. They spent half, and they were with the rest of the frauds.
- What there is here to do is to decree the law of the it spills. But who will pay her? If the great kingdom IMF, I think, has just said that my subjects live a lot below the limit of the poverty. That is a very serious situation, without solution.
- My king, to add still plus, the companies steal in the fraud billions all of the years.
- Dollars! Dollars!
- I already understood fraud.
- Are they regulated, done ordain or authorized?
- I think so, they are legalized... it is everything under me control.
- It is not that. If the managers are authorized to steal.
- That knows, not.
- We are the only ones that we authorized ourselves to steal, more nobody that is disloyal competition.
- Do I recreate one more inquiry commission and later I do order the musketeers to smell the spoils?
- For the time being not. Speaks to the marquis of the finances. How is it that his name is? They are so many that I forget the names per times.
- My king, that what was in the kingdom of IMF?
- Yes, that.
- I already know! It is easy, marquis IMF… to purpose he gave me a letter of a courageous accountant, where it denounces with copies of false documents of a company that it stole us million of dollars. This for us is quite normal.
- I think that it is the first time in my kingdom, that somebody, an idiot accountant, has the courage of denouncing us with proofs.
- I agree, my king. The companies plunder the kingdom, the neo-colonialism will expire.
- It is not so much prismatic, it describes me the documentation.

Gil Gonçalves

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