In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2009

The King’s Horseman (IX). Novel

Bank Millennium Angola, a bank shark.

- Not. The subject is that we sent them enough bottoms, but they never present bills.
- Reason?
- They are always with excuses. Now he doesn't have light, water, accountants, that the machines and the equipments are damaged always. And that, when repaired steal the pieces, or when they get to send the bills, they say that the documents disappear here.
- We are to be as the ruins of the kingdom of Zimbabwe.
- My king, as the kingdom of Nicles and very close of the Equatorial Deflection.
- We won't have many problems. The kingdom of the Occident closes the eyes, it supports us while they depend on the black liquid.
The king carried the to frown. Epok, tries to mask pulling with the fingers of the hands the collar of the coat. Epok, guesses that will leave the king's last argument.
- One more joke as that, I order the real herald to announce that you are going to an embassy of an unknown kingdom. Epok, is enough, is absent you!

The king examines the garden. He smiled and it felt the perfume of the lily-red that the queen had offered him. He meditated:
The flowers are high, pleasant. They attract us, they force us to look for them. I don't understand because they differ of the people. If got to find a competent person, intelligent to help me, that it was capable to put my kingdom properly to work, that it put an end to the poverty of the populations, the republicans would be due. But where to find a person like this? I see that it is too late. All are beside the republicans. Only the incompetent and corrupt seek me. Before they stole secretly, now they steal to the egg whites. My kingdom is lost. I have to seek a skilled way to retire. To find a country to feel exile, and in him to finish the rest of my days calmly. If at least it got a super minister like Colbert… with the progresses oils-producing that we received, my kingdom will be mortgaged during a thousand years.

The horseman Epok is dispatched to leave the Castle-strong Palace. He happens something of abnormal, he shouts:
- King-of-weapons!!!
- Yes my boss!
- It goes down me the shit of the drawbridge!
- She doesn't give boss.
- It goes down me already the shit of the drawbridge. The piranhas are starved in the ditch and the only food are you.
- Boss, we don't have oil. Everything is rusty.
- What is the one that they did to the oil?
- The last visits took him.
- It is going at the real grocery stores and backs more.
- Necessary document is not?
- Not. He says that I went me that ordered.
- Boss, they don't accept without document.
- Arranges me a paper mouthful, and any shit that writes!
- Ah, boss! I take advantage and drag some for me. I say that you are orders of the boss.

A long time passed the to lubricate the hinges and the currents of the drawbridge. The slowness reminded a snail. Epok takes advantage to remove a good nap. When he woke up, it peeped for the ditch. It picked a stone and he threw her down. There was little movement in the water. Alarmed he said:
- The piranhas that are in the ditch don't satisfy, arrange more!
- Boss, here no there is, only in Brazil kingdom.
- They arrange a boat and carry the ones that can. Or they are going to the market of the Rockers. Piranhas are what there are too there. With people like this, this kingdom doesn't have future.

The drawbridge goes down, they lack some boards. Epok moves forward, it locks the horse. This slips and it puts the front paws in a hole. The guards remove the horse. Afraid Epok screams.
- King-of-weapons!
- Boss!
- Who removed the boards?
- It is the population at night, for us to make the food.
- At night? Do the guards sleep?
- No boss. At night it is not anybody here. We left and we will have with our girlfriends.
- It orders to break all the close houses to the Castle. They will have with the marquis GOR.
- Marquis something boss?
- GOR! Cabinet of Real Works. When it returns I want to see the very chubby piranhas.
- Boss, that GOR won't get so early.
- Reason?
- They are very busy to break hundreds of houses, to the foot of other castles.
- With so many unemployed, admit more people. I have to say the king that is difficult to leave the Castle.

The street of Maianga, made holes in, it dirties and always, it is full of women that they were banished of other streets, for viceroy Oil-producing men. They are seating behind the bathtubs with fruits, vegetables, bread with smoked sausage, slippers, clothes, etc. The children the mammies, that don't allow play close to that they stand back. Viceroy Oil-producing men can appear at any moment and they remove them the things. The mammies get scared due to the gallop of a horse. They stop and they are alert. A voice approaches.
- Street cleans! The horseman will ride Epok!

Gil Gonçalves
Image: Angola em fotos

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