In Angola they feel prisoners political accused of any crime. They say that it is a democratic regime that it is in the middle of the joy of their functions. The democratic potencies close the eyes and they point that it is like this that it is good, that it is like this that it is made the stability in Africa. Here is the income of the terrorism of which Europe is not gotten to loosen. Who supports the corruption and their dictatorships, in the bottom it is also terrorist without the knowledge.

terça-feira, 9 de março de 2010

To Occident of the Paradise (24). 101 Questions to a Guerrilla fighter, by Alberto Bayo.

- Eusébio is a great player and Amália Rodrigues a great fado singer. Thanks to them our country is known all over the world. - Mota mocked.
- Not to also forget the bullfights. I have a brother that is pitchfork. To purpose, tomorrow it is day of bullfight in the Campo Pequeno, who wants to go, say for me to buy the tickets. - Quitério fought.

Suddenly Quitério looked at two magazines that were very visible in the table. They were, A Seara Nova and O Comércio do Funchal. He liked a lot of reading because they revealed the stranger Portugal. Habitually who bought was them Zé Luís, that later circulated of hand in hand. The New Wheat field had some goods that were difficult to understand for me, therefore that still didn't have enough cultural luggage. But only her presence in the table denounced who were, because PIDE understood that who read was them communist. Mota got up and he went to look for the Diário de Notícias, he placed him the on top of the magazines and them they disappeared of the landscape. However Pide rose, he said in the good-night, and he left. Quitério resumed the debate:
- Are they to see this shit? A brute cannot be in side any to talk in peace. I am to study Marx's Capital secretly. If they pick me oh of me! Did they already see this?!

He showed a text whose title was, 101 Questions to a Guerrilla fighter, by Alberto Bayo. He explained that if he took care of a guerrilla fighter of PAIGC that was been hit and interrogated by PIDE, where the fundamental element of her acting consisted of the use of a rope. What allowed to the guerrilla fighters her survival. He demonstrated above all that his use was a very important piece in the guerrillas' fight, and that Portugal would be defeated in the war obstacle to Guinea. Zé Luís increased:
- Nor everything is lost. It remains us CDE, the Electoral Democratic Commission of Francisco Pereira Moura, against UN, the National Union of the Fascists...
Quitério interrupts:
- CDE will never win anything. Until they are already to invade their facilities and to confiscate the pamphlets. They arrest her and they interrogate her some candidates. Good, the one that remains is we give the jump to Sweden, for we flee to the colonial war, and there in the exile we continue our fight against the regime. But anyway with the acting of CDE, they are to know that after all opposition exists, and of who is treated. Only that later won't have great manoeuvre space and later they will be well watched and convicts she live in poverty and in the persecution. Any excuse will be for eliminating.

The following day Quitério dragged me, explaining to me that it was necessary that it accompanied him so that he found out than if it passed at the country and like this to learn the students' fight.
There was a protest meeting against the colonial war in the Technical Superior Institute. Who enters was watched to detect possible infiltrated of PIDE. In the interior the speakers exposed their opinions. They were unanimous in condemning the colonial war and that the power should be given the those people. He was not long a lot because four hulks of PIDE, always worn the civilian, they appeared and they contained the meeting. After them to leave the students parked in the entrance gate. As revenge, the following days boycotted the classes.


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